I’ve never been athletic or good at sports. Can I do Karate?
Yes. We tailor our instructional methods to each student’s abilities and learning style. Anybody can benefit from studying Karate regardless of their age or current fitness level.

Can studying Karate improve my self-confidence and self-esteem?
Yes, we can help you to direct your energy as a constructive tool for positive self-development. Karate training combines physical fitness with mental strength: people who feel fit and strong also feel more confident.

Am I too old to begin Karate training? 
We’ve worked with students with varying levels of physical fitness ranging in age from 18 to over 65. All of our activities can be adapted to fit your personal situation and goals.

I don’t always feel safe. Will studying Karate help me feel better?
Yes. Karate builds physical strength and mental resilience which makes many people feel more confident about their ability to defend themselves. A study by Foster (1997) demonstrates that Karate students show a decrease in trait-anxiety.

I’ve often felt clumsy and un-athletic. Can Karate make me more graceful?
Yes. Karate builds cardiovascular and muscular strength while improving balance; co-ordination; flexibility; and, stamina. As your body awareness and other aspects of fitness increase, you will feel less clumsy.

Why are the classes so long?
To ensure that you get everything you need, every single time that you train. The class is divided into three periods: kihon (basics); kata (formal exercises); and kumite (sparring). We warm up before starting basics and stretch after sparring.

What if I can’t come twice every week?
You will still make progress since each class contains everything that you need. The class is divided into three periods: kihon (basics); kata (formal exercises); and kumite (sparring). Also, you can attend by videoconferencing when it isn’t possible to train in person.

I don’t live in the Thousand Islands. What can you do for me?
As long as you have an internet connection, you can train with us online. We can also design customized individual programmes for non-resident members. Please  contact us to discuss your personal situation and goals.