Online Training

Contemporary Types of Training

There are two basic ways to train. Live in-person classes in the dojo (“in-house training”); or, a hybrid of online classes with periodic live training. Online classes are webcast using videoconferencing technology. During a webcast the student follows along with the teacher in real time. Our Karate and Kobudo classes are available both in-house and as webcasts.

In-house training may be blended with training at home by webcast; and, distance education is enhanced by live training in person. The student chooses the right personal mix according to their life style and circumstances. Live continuation training for out of town students is scheduled every month.

Learning Online

Sometimes people wonder whether they can really learn physical skills online: yes, you can. We primarily learn by seeing and hearing; and, fortunately, we are living in an age of information and easy communication. Whether you are face to face with the instructor, or viewing them on a screen, what you see and hear is the same. You just follow along exactly as detailed and everything will work for you.

What about feedback on your performance? After all, learning is really about the student and what they can do. The interactive nature of the webcast permits personalized coaching in real time. Students may also choose to post secure online video of themselves practicing so that we can help, coach, and mentor them. Our members who train online achieve the best results by periodically travelling to the dojo for live continuation training and personal coaching.

We will take you from where you are now to the best you can be in the shortest possible time, quickly and efficiently. To learn more,  please Contact Us to make an appointment for your personal consultation